Policies and procedures.

• Aggressive or dangerous dogs:

Owners must inform the groomer of any behavioural problems the dog holds. This includes any history of aggression. If your dog has bitten a person or another animal in the past you must tell the groomer. All groomers reserve the right to refuse service or stop service at any time if they feel unsafe or threatened by the dog. This policy holds a £10 aggressive dog fee In addition to the regular grooming charge. The owner holds all responsibility if the dog bites. They must also accept responsibility of broken/ damaged equipment, recovery costs and loss of income.

• Matted coats:

Dematting is essential to a dog’s welfare. By dematting we reduce the risk of skin irritation, parasites, sores and hair loss however in line with The Animal Welfare Act 2006 extensive dematting will not take place. Groomers will attempt to detangle the matts however if after 15 minutes (or if the dog becomes distressed) the groomer is unsuccessful the matt will be shaved out. The reasoning for this is the dematting process can cause discomfort to the dog. All precautions will be taken to ensure the dog’s welfare however clipping the matts can result in minor irritation. It is absolutely essential for the matts to be removed so therefore the groomer does not hold any responsibility for problems that may come from the shaving process from said procedure.

• Fleas and ticks:

Our dog grooming salons strive to be free of fleas and ticks. We ask that customers make appointments for their dogs once any flea/tick problems have been treated and is under control. If fleas are found during the grooming process a flea shampoo treatment will be used. The salon will also have to be treated to prevent the spread of fleas. In this scenario an additional £10 fee will be added to the regular grooming price. If the dog is found to have multiple ticks the groomer will remove them a £5 fee will be added to the regular grooming price.

• Vaccinations:

By using or grooming service, owners confirm that their dog is up to date with all vaccinations. Groomers hold the right to request proof of vaccination as well as current veterinarian information.

• Accidents:

Accidents are always a possibility when grooming. Whilst all the groomers are qualified and take all precautions to protect the dog it is not promised that nicks, cuts and scratches will not happen. Every effort is made to groom your dog safely but if the dog refuses the process the groomer will stop the service as it may be dangerous for the dog and the groomer to continue.

• Health / medical problems:

Grooming can expose hidden medical conditions and even aggravate current ones. Owners must agree permission to obtain immediate veterinarian attention if necessary. Your groomer will attempt to contact you first however the dog will be taken to the nearest veterinarian that is available. It is agreed that all expenses for veterinarian care will be covered by the dog’s owner.

• Anal gland expression:

Top to Tail dog grooming do not offer anal gland expression as a service. We advise that you visit your vet for this.

• Distressed/ elderly dogs:

Any dogs that become distressed or tired during the grooming process will be taken outside for a break as frequently as needed. This may result in longer grooming time. Your groomer will attempt to contact you to rearrange a collection time if the grooming time is prolonged. Groomers will estimate a grooming time during the consultation but please be aware this is subject to change. We request that you are understanding if any treatments are unable to take place. The dog’s comfort and safety is our main priority. If the dog is unhappy for us to complete a certain service we will not attempt to.

• Customer complaints.

We hope that upon collection you are pleased with your dog’s groom. We strive to complete all customer demands. If you feel that your dog’s groom needs some tweaks this is never a problem! We insist that you ask the groomer for any changes before you leave the salon. If for some reason you are dissatisfied we will attempt to resolve the issue immediately. If an issue is not able to be resolved all complaints must be raised in writing within 48hours after the groom has taken place. All complaints are dealt with respect and courtesy and request this from the customer too.

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